Graphic Design



Whether you are placing and ad in the local papers, magazines or putting up signage at events or on the streets, let Luscen help you create unique & eye catching advertisements and designs.

Luscen has a dedicated staff that can help you plan, create, and handle your advertising projects.

• Print
• Magazine
• Newspaper
• Flyer
• Brochure
• Posters

Media Kits
Luscen has put together media kits for upcoming artists, business corporations and small non-profit organizations.




Corporate Logo Branding


No matter what your business image calls for, profession, playful, artsy or contemporary, you need materials that reflect this image and properly represent your company. What does your brand mean to you, and to your customers? We can develop a corporate identity and create a brand message to market your business.


• Brand Strategy
• Corporate identity
• Logo Design