About Luscen





Luscen is an Environment-Friendly Company. Always thinking of ways to Go Green!


We have taken the initiative and grown into an environmentally friendly corporation by taking significant steps in our business and production of print products, from using email and efax to save the environment one sheet at a time.



Soy-Based Ink


Many of our prints are printed with soy-oil based inks instead of traditional petroleum-based ink. Also known as vegetable-oil ink, soy ink is a great advancement in the print industry. Soy ink is a safe and environmentally friendly ink because of its simple compound compared to petroleum–based ink. Using a simple process to make the ink, it consumes very little energy and makes it very efficient. Soy ink has many great advantages; one is its distinguishable clearness which allows for brighter colored ink, which petroleum-based ink do not allow because of its darker content. Thus soy inks are popular for their vibrant colors. Soy ink can also be easily removed from paper, which is helpful in paper recycling, as it is quicker to process the paper. As the print industry evolves, soy ink becomes an increasingly popular alternative.





Using unique Aqueous and UV coatings, Luscen has shifted yet another critical step in producing environmentally friendly print products. The coatings which consist of very low to zero traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC) reduce harmful components that damage the atmosphere and the surrounding environments. Impregnated washing systems are used for press rollers and blankets which consist of minute traces of VOCs. Fountain solutions are free of or use reduced VOC solutions. Luscen, on the constant lookout for safer and more environmentally friendly press room products, recycles all solutions and removes hazardous waste from their facilities, preventing it from getting into the natural environment.





An essential ingredient in the print industry is paper. Luscen utilizes paper that is produced specifically for paper-making and is not produced from illegally deforested trees. As the environment needs us more and more, Luscen is on a mission to use the safest and least polluting materials in producing printed products. You can request to print on 100% recycled stock made in the US. Ask us about hwo you can print green today.

We seek to be a reminder of the importance of environmental awareness.





Luscen believes in giving back to the community and understanding the involvement and dedication it requires.  Luscen employees have been volunteering their time for a variety of charitable events and organizations. Whether it is donating blood, joining a marathon, helping the needy, providing free design or contributing print material, Luscen is motivated to give back to the community.





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